16 April 2019
To mark the occasion, NZP Inc. will display a new logo that has a powerful meaning which we wish to share with you: We can first observe a shield that symbolizes the protective element against the weather inclemency. A crown is placed in the upper section to express our position as a Canadian leader in the manufacturing of eco-friendly tilt and turn fenestration. This aspect of the logo mirrors the success, power and prosperity of our brand. For the letterpress, we went for a refined image. The spaced out characters allow for a ray of light to submerge, just like our products. By the same token, the lines forming our acronym is a reminder of the openings in architectural plans. The colours used in the logo are just as important; the green illustrates our eco-friendly products along with our endorsement towards green energy. The white symbolizes the immaculate facet and the luminosity that offers out type of fenestration. Lastly, the royal blue is a recall of our position in the market as well as the nobility of our artifact. All our products are in conformity with the current North American standards and norms. Furthermore, one of our lines is Passivhaus certified from Germany. NZP FENESTRATION is a strong establishment and has a solid turn towards the future. Read more.