The only manufacturer of high-end Passive House certified tilt and turn doors and windows in eastern North America. Emphasizing a green approach and high-quality products, we are inspired by the German concept, Passivhaus.

Give your property a unique style and significantly reduce your ecological footprint with our innovative products. Do business with a team that listens to your needs and draw on from the advice of our experts.


Helping our customers benefit from the best practices in the manufacturing of tilt and turn windows and custom sliding doors by using advances in the technology of materials to meet the highest energy standards and promote the emergence of healthy, sustainable homes.

NZP Fenestration

& Development

The Passive House Concept

Developed in Germany, the concept of the passive home is based on various methods and technologies to reduce buildings’ use of heating and air conditioning. Based on the principles of using high-quality materials and unique cutting-edge systems for complete insulation and maximum airtightness, this type of construction provides its occupants with comfort while reducing energy use costs. NZP Fenestration and its experienced team work constantly to expand its knowledge and suggest emerging technologies to respect the environment and save money.

Net Zero Homes

The principle of zero net energy homes is based on the concept of producing more energy than is used. Combining several systems producing clean, renewable energy (solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, geothermal, wind, solar hot water, etc.) drastically limits greenhouse gas emissions, making your house a green home. Thanks to our high-performance doors and windows, you can be part of the environmental community and promote the emergence of healthy, sustainable homes by enhancing your own comfort and our planet’s well-being.

Our team

  • Alain Dorais President

  • Laurence Hamel Dorais Business Development and Marketing Director

  • Julie Gendron Sales and Marketing Coordinator

  • Denis Cyr Director of operations

  • Lucie Bourgeois Treasurer

  • Patrick Babin Production technician

  • Samuel Cyr Production technician

  • Alexandre Le Rouzes Production technician